Project Description

Ready Pets Go!

We offer a scheme for cats, dogs and rabbits which covers the costs of your pet’s vaccinations, de-worming treatment and flea prevention treatment for a whole year, two annual health checks and even includes 10% discount on all your bills!

If you would like your pet to become a member ring us or pop in and have a chat with our receptionist and we can set up the monthly payments for this.

What is Covered?

• Vaccinations – puppy vaccines & annual boosters (DHPPi/L4 + KC)
• Flea treatment – Simparica Trio every month
• Wormers – Droncit every 3 months (plus Simparica Trio)
• Alternatives = Advocate (flea/worm) and Drontal Plus or Milpro (wormer)
• Nurse clinics (unlimited) – weight/diet, nails, anal glands, health checks
• Annual urinalysis and blood pressure measurement (esp older dogs)

• Vaccinations – kitten vaccines & annual booster (Cat ‘flu, enteritis & FeLV)
• Flea treatment – Bravecto Plus every 3 months
• Wormers – WormCat spot-on every 3 months (plus Bravecto Plus)
• Alternatives = Advocate (flea treatment/wormer) and Milpro (wormer)
• Nurse clinics (unlimited) – weight/diet, claw clipping, health checks
• Annual urinalysis and blood pressure measurement (especially older cats)

• Vaccinations – Nobivac Myxo-RHD Plus
• Rearguard
• Wormer – Panacur Rabbit every 3 months
• Nurse clinics – weight checks and nail clips

*Plus 10% off all other products and services*

Plan Prices

Collection Home Delivery
Small Dog <10Kg £14.00 £15.50
Medium Dog 10-20Kg £15.00 £16.50
Large Dog 20-40Kg £16.50 £18.00
X-Large Dog 40-60Kg £18.50 £20.00
Gaint Dog >60Kg £28.50 £30.00
Collection Home Delivery
Cats £14.00 £15.50
Collection Home Delivery
Rabbits £14.50 £16.00