Having your pet vaccinated protects them against the most common infectious, and potentially fatal, diseases. By bringing your pet for an annual health check and vaccination you are giving them the best quality of life and protecting others, as you are reducing the chance of any outbreaks of infectious diseases.

During the vaccination consultation your pet will be thoroughly examined by the vet and any concerns you may have can be discussed.


Since 6th April 2016 it is now compulsory by law for all dogs to be microchipped, this must happen before the dog is 8 weeks old otherwise you could be liable for up to £500 fine.

A microchip is the most common and easiest way of identifying your pet should they become lost or stolen. The chip is about as small as a grain of rice and is inserted just under the skin, it’s very likely that your pet won’t even feel it.

If your pet is ever lost or stolen they can be quickly scanned by any vet or animal rescue centre. Your details will be found on the database and you will receive a phone call to be reunited with your pet.


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