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Our pets are precious family members and we worry when they are poorly. Unfortunately there is no NHS for pets and so the costs of any veterinary treatment need to be paid for. At Uxbridge Vets our dedicated friendly team of veterinary surgeons and nurses will provide exceptional veterinary care for your pet at affordable prices.

Pet insurance is advised to cover costs when unexpected illness occurs. It is best to organise pet insurance when your pet is young, before any illnesses may occur.

To save money on routine veterinary care and receive 10% discount on any treatment your pet can become a member of our Healthy Pet Club.


Brucella Testing

Brucella, or Canine Brucellosis as it is also known is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Brucella Canis. It can affect several organs in a dog and impacts the dog’s ability to breed. It is zoonotic meaning it can spread to humans and cause disease in people.


Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a scientifically proven method of reducing your pet's pain and inflammation. It can be used to aid recovery from surgey or injury or to reduce or to ease symptoms of age related conditions such as arthritis.


General Practice

Having your pet vaccinated protects them against the most common infectious, and potentially fatal, diseases. By bringing your pet for an annual health check and vaccination you are giving them the best quality of life and protecting others, as you are reducing the chance of any outbreaks of infectious diseases.



The decision about whether to have your pet neutered needs to be considered. We advise neutering as it is beneficial for the health of your pet (reducing the chance of cancer and infections of the uro-genital tract) and preventing unwanted litters from being born. Dogs are neutered generally at 6 months and cats and rabbits slightly younger.



Dental work in cats, dogs and rabbits is common as they become older. The teeth and gums can harbor high numbers of bacteria leading to illness if not treated when necessary and dental disease can be very painful. The patient has a general anaesthetic and the veterinary surgeon can carry out any extraction, descaling and polishing work that may be required.

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